Transgender feamales in Malaysia, relating to HIV and Islam: a qualitative study of stakeholders’ ideas

Transgender feamales in Malaysia, relating to HIV and Islam: a qualitative study of stakeholders’ ideas



Globally, on the list of important associations regarded as being at dangerous of obtaining HIV were transgender lady, typically a online dating sites marginalised group. In the Malaysian perspective there was a scarcity of posted analysis concerning transgender people, a sensitive problems in a Muslim bulk place, in which Islam work an influential character in our society. Likewise, we have seen a paucity of research associated with exactly how this sort of dilemmas relate to HIV anticipation in transgender women in Malaysia.

Thus, the aim of this study will be explore the attitudes of stakeholders involved with HIV cures coverage in Malaysia towards transgender lady, with the Islamic perspective.


Complete interview happened to be carried out with stakeholders taking part in HIV prevention, Ministry of fitness, spiritual frontrunners and People coping with HIV, such as transgender women. Thirty five participants comprise recruited making use of purposive sampling from Summer to December 2013 within Kuala Lumpur and associated with vicinities. Interviews comprise in person, audiotaped, transcribed verbatim and utilized a framework test.


Five key themes come about within the qualitative records; awareness of Transgender people as well as their invest culture; contacting Transgender Females; Islamic philosophy; ‘Cure’, ‘Correction’ last but not least, mark and Discrimination.

Talk: Islamic rulings about transgenderism happened to be the justification given by individuals chastising transgender ladies, whilst there were in addition a lot more modern perceptions and space for debate. Pervading negative conduct and stigma and discrimination made a climate in which transgender ladies frequently felt confident with non-governmental companies.


The specific situation of transgender women in Malaysia and HIV prohibition is a very hypersensitive and challenging planet for all stakeholders, due to the Muslim framework and newest appropriate method. Regardless of this apparent impasse, you will find almost doable segments that can be improved upon to optimise HIV prevention solutions as well as the atmosphere for transgender feamales in Malaysia.


Globally, various principal communities known to be at high-risk of acquiring HIV tend to be transgender people, outlined when it comes to this study, as females appointed a man sex at birth but which recognize on their own as women. Transgender women typically symbolize a marginalised group and a ‘very higher stress human population for HIV’ [1]. In a detailed meta-analysis and systematic analysis performed by Baral and co-workers, an assessment on the family member HIV load in transgender female was actually attempted most notably 15 countries which announced a pooled HIV frequency of 19.1percent in 11,066 people global and so the odds relation of being infected with HIV for transgender people in comparison with all grown ups of a reproductive young age would be 48.8 [1]. The authors deduce that there surely is an ‘urgent necessity of prohibition’ in transgender feamales in friends being frequently not just involved in nationwide HIV security and discover elements, such as for instance wedding in dangerous sodomy with males enhancing their particular weakness, in addition to stigma and discrimination in medical care options as hindrances to opening HIV avoidance facilities [1]. Through the UNAIDS avoidance distance document, key populations such as for instance transgender ladies are certainly not attained by current anticipation effort [2]. The Parts of asia Pacific Trans Blueprint for overall health in Action certainly mentions ‘trans lady as disproportionately impacted by HIV—yet you will still find inadequate programs or companies targeted to encounter trans-specific requirement’ [3]. Research reports have figured that transgender women can be at increased risk of HIV caused by issue, including bad sexual conduct, commercial love-making efforts and mark and discrimination [4]. Operario and co-workers carried out a meta-analysis and discovered the prevalence of HIV would be larger in transgender female love staff compared to transgender women who wouldn’t embark on intercourse succeed, 27.3% and 14.7percent respectively [5].

Additionally, Transgender girls commonly are at possibilities or bring a very high weight of medical conditions rather than HIV just like mental health factors and chemical abuse [6], and persistent societal discrimination that could generate a screen to accessing medical [7]. It’s the case internationally as well as in the Asia-Pacific region in region like, Malaysia [8].

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